Mikhail Tsirelson

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Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television, Russia MFA Film and Video
Platt College of San Francisco Diploma in Computer Graphics


  2000 – now Nighternet (freelance) Principal Designer
Various key roles in concept, design, production and testing for:
Accenture, ArcSight (HP), Armadillo Fiberoptics, Bunton & Clifford Architects, Blackhawk Network, Connectinc, Convergys, Corda, CTB McGraw-Hill, DewMakers, DigitalThink, Dialact, Enterprise Training (UK), Frito-Lay, FrontRange, HarvestMark, Humphrey Instruments, Genoa, Guzik, iLog, Integrity Arts, Heartwood Studios, HewletPackard, Keiser Permanente, KLM Creative, Landor Associates, Leviton, LiederDesign, Linkbit, LinktedIn, Manugistics, Mcmillan Publishing, Metron, MiniMicro, NetManage, NetTaxi, Nevis Securities, Novartis, Pacific Beverages, PetTrax, Pijamanation (Belgium), PayPal, Resurfx, Retek, Rigel, Rodan+Fields, Rogers Telco, Ringcube, Sephora, Siege Works, SkyDog, Society for Head and Neck Anesthesia, STG, Sun Microsystems, Sygate, Sylent, Symantec, Swifttest, TheAggZone, Tria Beauty, UC Berkeley, Vasco Securities, Versonix, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Viquity, ViiV Healthcare, WorldNet, WinTeam (France), Xaqti, Zultys and many more..
  07/14 - 03/19 eBay, Inc. Senior UX Designer, Mobile & Developers Ecosystem
Principal designer for:

eBay Developers Portal:

  • Marketing and "how-to" pages
  • Discoverability tool - let new developers to figure out which API to use
  • Security: Keys, Token, authentication (migration to Oauth), etc.
  • Documentation
  • API Explorer - a developer's playgound
  • Blogs, forums, events

Speed initiative for desktop, web and native mobile apps

Native mobile app release management tool (coming soon)

All Buy API-related projects

Mentoring Hub

App Center

Fulcrum - the service lifecycle portal and many other internal data management tools

and dozens of other projects, big and small.

  10/13 - 07/14 Complete Genomics Principal UX Architect and Designer
Principal architect and UI designer for Revolocity, a mass whole genome sequencing line.
Designed a first of its kind UI for genomics.
Researched various uninterruptible manufacturing process UI best practices, liquid handling automation, etc. Created logic flows, wireframes, fully interactive prototypes. Design all UI HIFIs, redline spec, CSSs.
Created logic flows, wireframes, fully interactive prototypes. Design all UI HIFIs, redline spec, CSSs.
Delivered all UI HIFIs, redline spec, CSSs.
  04/13 - 09/13 Intuit Principal UX Designer, QuickBooks desktop
Facelift for the 15-year old but still the best QuickBooks for Windows:
"My Quick Books" - the admin panel for more advanced users.
Re-designed the "Money Bar" - a personal income tracker.
One click checks ordering UI.
  03/13 - 06/13 US Bank Senior UX Designer, Mobile
Wealth Management, Student Banking, Small Businesses.
Designed and prepared for handout all wireframes, mocks and specs for jQuery UI framework.
  01/12 - 10/12 Cisco Senior UI Designer, Network Management Technology Group
Cisco Prime, NCS, Lumos, Collaboration, Assurance
UX Design Pattern Library to support over 128 device OSs.
Played key role in migrating many legacy applications to a unified Ajax-based RIA (dojo.js)
Participated in major release review, CSS bug scrub
Mobile version of the Network Manager.
  04/10 - 01/12 Agile Point Principal Designer, UI/UX Lead
AgilePoint Enterprise Manager:
  • Reimagined workflow and UI design to migrate to Silverlight
  • Created wireframes and UI samples
  • Led team of Engineers and Technical Writers to create a functioning prototype
  • Produced UI elements in Silverlight
AgilePoint Envision. Conceptualized and deigned new vector-based stencils
New Corporate DNN CMS-based web site.
Trade shows.
  09/02 - 02/07 Silvaco Senior Designer, UI/UX, web, print
Electronic Design Automation from TCAD to tapeout:
  • Created and produced all company collateral and web materials.
  • Created interactive presentations for web and trade show booth.
  • Billboards and Trade show display graphics.
  • UI/UX design for Silvaco Expert (an IC CAD application).
  10/97 - now Chevron Texaco Senior Designer: web, interactive, mobile
Dozens of big and small projects: web, print, video, trade shows. From the original concept to the final production.
Techron2Go: Station Finder, ExtraMile and Havoline apps for iPhone:
  • Created basic concept, workflow and wireframes to adopt company’s station finder to the finger touch and gesture – based interface
  • Worked with the developers to assure the pixel-perfect fusion of the standard iPhone features with company design guidelines
  • Produced all UI elements, specified timing and transition
Chevron HR site re-design:
  • Concept for the Company new "warm and personal" HR site
  • Interviewed HR personnel, senior geologists, rig operators and gas station workers about their unique experience
  • Produced large amount video/audio and interactive pages for the site
texaco.com redesign
Texaco Car of the Decades:
  • Visualized the idea of “Car as Art” for the user-driven vintage car pageant and web forum to fuse the esthetics of Texaco with typical vintage car user sites
  • Created wireframes and UI for the main content and user upload and vote pages
  • Edited video/audio/FX for Texaco’s own entry in the contest – a sponsored LandRover Adventure
  • Produced original graphics, design and UI for various pages
Chevron Product Company:
  • Combination of photo, art, 3D, video and interactivity into one fluid and exciting web experience played around “hot spots” on the new gas station
  • Supervised video production: people interviews, fly-troughs, etc. to match graphics and 3D. Used green screen and on-location techniques for camera matching
  • Created final graphics, video edits and Flash
ExtraMile store:
  • Web site and monthly updates for all EM deals
  10/05 - 09/07 Applied Materials Interactive design for eLearning
Designed and developed over 20 eLearning courses, ranging from simple Contractor Orientation to complex Tool and Clean Room Certification courses:
  • Worked with the management and legal department to define the safety and legal requirements of the legacy training compliance (SCORM)
  • Architected large training courses to allow workers to go at their own pace with frequent live progress monitoring and reporting
  • Produced graphics, simulation, navigation and final assembly
  04/01 - 08/01 CTB McGraw-Hill UI/UX Designer, online courses
Project “Monarch” - migration of the entire paper-based K7 education materials system to the net:
  • The challenge was to re-design the interface at the project’s last stage, when most of the modules where developed
  • Worked with key engineers and managers to allocate the most problematic areas and ways to fix them in a VERY short time (i.e. without wireframes and flow charts)
  • Worked within limits of HTML/JS only for 100% user compatibility
  • Created a 50+ page document to help developers to avoid most glaring mistakes in the future, especially when no professional design help is at hand
  04/98 - 03/00 Personal Genie Art Director, Principal Designer
“Wish Fulfillment” – personalization powered by Artificial Intelligence. An early attempt to create a user created and stored smart and constantly updated profile that can be used by on-line vendors to improve the shopping experience without invasion of privacy, a great improvement over popular matching systems, used by companies like Amazon and Facebook:
  • A warm and friendly game-like interactive 3d “character builder” interface
  • Very early use of Macromedia Flash for UI prototyping
“Qubit” – a Java-powered UI for the revolutionary Compaq tablet computer.
  01/97 - 08/97 Digiratti technologies Art Director, Principal Designer
“Choice Seat” – embedded into the back-of-the-seat terminal application for baseball stadiums’ sky boxes. One of the first broadband applications to utilize WillTel (former Williams) country biggest fiberoptic networks.
  10/95 - 11/96 Simply Interactive Creative Director, Principal Designer
“Internet the City” – 1996 Joey Award for the Best Educational Product. 2 CD-ROM based project, teaching various Internet technologies, gimmicks and ropes in a form of a vast virtual city.
  • Created the original concept, convinced well-known hi-tech investors into starting a new venue
  • As the original art director created concepts, prototypes, hire various 3d and video companies, led the team of 3d artists, illustrators and motion designers
  • Created a virtual character to present each Internet tool. Participated in casting of professional SAG actors to play them
  • Main 3D character – the taxi driver – to connect them all. Motion capture was used to create most realistic behavior in less time
  • Played key role in the huge gala show at Jacob Javits Center in NYC with full-size “Net Taxi”, live 3D character, etc.


UI/UX Sketch, Zeplin, Hype, Invision, Axure, JustInMind, Balsamiq, Adobe, paper/pencil
Web Hype, Espresso, Dreamweaver, CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), Chrome Dev Tools.
Productivity JIRA, Wiki, MS Office, Google tools, GitHub, Slack
Presentation PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides
Motion and 3D Cinema 4D, AfterEffects, Premier, RealFlow, Zbrush, LogicPro