What is "Nighternet"?
It's a combitation of "nighter" (a german for a late night person) and "net".
Now describe in few words why you're a perfect fit for us?
I believe that nobody knows your business better than yourself. That you are aware of your company position on the market and in the industry. That my job is to make sure everyone else is aware of that too. And besides, this can always teach us humility.
There are too many samples here. Some of them look quite old..
I don't want to embellish my design bio. Besides, I wanted to show the way I think in different situations, from a smallest one-hour production to a gigantic project, that spanned years.

Past projects are design ephemera, that can't be found anywhere else on the Net. I preserved them as the mementos of my life like people preserve thousands of selfies.
What should I look for?
Everything more-less significant is here. You can either go by the category using the top menu, by client down below, or simply click on any thumb that intrigues you.
Do you have any preferences for a particular area of design?
I enjoy using all parts of my brain.
Are you more a Visual or UX designer?
Aside from some audio-driven systems, all UIs are "visual". There is no design that not user-centered, from the first flint-stone tools to the wearable computers.
Are you comfortable with coding?
I know enough about it to be a good UX designer, i.e. to know full well what's possible and what's not on any given platform. The script, responsible for this site behavior is created by David DeSandro.
How many years of experience do you have with UI/UX?
What's your hourly rate, salary expectations?
I believe this is a wrong math, for one designer can do in one hour more than a dozen others designer in a week. But since you insist, it's $75/h onsite and $70/h when remoting.
Do you prefer full-time on W2, contract, freelance?
Doesn't matter. I prefer to be engaged in something very real.
What's your work authorization?
I'm a US Citizen.
What do you do for fun?
It's  here too.