Bithday. A homage to Yuri Dyshlenko
Birdcatcher. A homage to Andrei Gennadiev
A homage to Mikhail Vrubel
Franz Liszt  Totentantz
Sergei Eisenstein, deconstructed
In the mood for Gustave Doré
Homage to Robert Falk
Homage to Gustave Moreau
Pantyhose a la Paul Klee
Alessandro Magniasco fireflies
In Memoriam Andrei Tarkovsky
Wild as Salvador Dali "Tuna fishing"
Tears of Arcimboldo
Velázquez' other dwarves
Caravaggio in El Greco's perspective
Turning the screw (with the famous Leonardo double helix spiral staircase)
From Mostar to nowhere. In memoriam Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka.
Arch of anxiety. Dedicated to Alfred Kubin.
Когда, спускавшийся по Рекам Безразличья,
Я от бичевников в конце концов ушел,
Их краснокожие для стрел своих в добычу,
Галдя, к цветным столбам прибили нагишом.
(Le bateau ivre, пер. Л. Мартынова)
Je ne puis plus, baigné de vos langueurs, ô lames,
Enlever leur sillage aux porteurs de cotons,
Ni traverser l’orgueil des drapeaux et des flammes,
Ni nager sous les yeux horribles des pontons.
(A. Rimbaud Le bateau ivre)
И тогда он кричит. Из согнутого, как крюк,
клюва, похожий на визг эриний,
вырывается и летит вовне
механический, нестерпимый звук,
звук стали, впившейся в алюминий;
(И.Бродский. Осенний крик ястреба)
А вокруг старика
Молодые шумят поколенья.
Расцветая в садах,
Сумасшедшая стонет сирень.
В белом гроте черемух
По серебряным листьям растений
Поднимается к небу
Ослепительный день...
(Н.Заболоцкий Слепой)
Si je désire une eau d’Europe, c’est la flache
Noire et froide où vers le crépuscule embaumé
Un enfant accroupi plein de tristesse, lâche
Un bateau frêle comme un papillon de mai.
(A. Rimbaud Le bateau ivre)
Sunset at the shore. A homage to Maxfield Parrish
Geneva de Benci with birds
Night in Toledo. Homage to El Greco.
Bruegel on the stairs
Fish name tanguy
Arcimboldo in fractal
Renaissance composition
Kandinsky? It's easy.
Wonderful, colorful world of Henry Russeau
Kuindzhi dream
UFO Sightings
Soviet Sci-Fi
Colored Dreams
The Thaw
Empire of the Rising Sun
Old Czech Photo Magazine
Red Rhythm 1 & 2
TV in every yurt!
Water Dragon
When Joan Miró squinted his eyes
Roman cicles
Just a pair of pants hanging on the back of a chair
Red Mass
Seriously alien lifeform
Celestial kiss
Come rain, come shine
Dance of the seven veils
"Art Nouveau" "Fallen"
Fractal girl
Abduction from the seraglio
The froth-born
Moon landing
Comes summer, comes winter...
Adduction of Europa
"Of all the arts the most important for us is pinup" (V.I.Lenin)
Knuckles of Saturn
Ama pearl diver
Underwater temptations
Chic Parisien
Other tree
Color matching torso
Fisherman's dream
I dream of water
Open air market
Another study of the human belly
Yet another bellybutton
Two great whites
Susanna and the Elders
Ecstasy of Saint Teresa
Dona Anna
Beauty in tiles
Try to look at the spider
Blue silk ribbon
Lone wolf on the snow. Oil, cardboard.
Autumn once again
Fire at sea
Nicholas Roerich in the ice cave
Apparition of Leonardo's Madonna in the sky. Oil, canvas.
Night fishing
Civitavecchia. Acrilyc, canvas.
Deutschland. Ein Wintermärchen.
In the fog
Meeting on the bridge
Sunrise inspired by peach tart
The entrance
In the Bladerunner mood
Petra at Night
Dream with open window
Russian gothic
XIX Century Teachers
XIX Century Teachers
And He looked upon all that He had made...
"Psalm" by Fridrich Gorenstein
Watching Bathsheba
Hair, steight and wavy
Средь шумного бала
Ancient of days
Ay, every inch a king
3 ages - 3 textures
We look into the future with confidence
XIX Century Teachers
Patrician and his slave
Nazi Grandpa
Mr. Hide
Baba Ganoush
Romantic Poet
The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet.
Sleeping Medusa
Resident evil
Georgian Giorgione
Barbecue brother
Lesson in politics
"Les Chercheuses de poux" (after A. Rimbaud)
"Piano piano, terra terra,
sottovoce, sibilando,
va scorrendo, va scorrendo
va ronzando, va ronzando..."
(Calumny, The Barber of Seville)
Chauves souris de Calais
Poet in shtetl
Artist paints but devil makes sure it's going to get banned
The ghost of Harvey Weinstein still haunts the Halls of Wall Street
Cave painting
Birth of Nation
The Endorian sorceress calls the spirit of Hugo on the heads of the Impressionists
τραγῳδία - a goat song
Selfie at the Burning Man
The pill
Awakening of the higher consciousness
Loafs of bread
Mephisto in onyx
Toccata. Watercolor on paper (c'mon I was only 18)
Die Brücke
Old dutch fairytale
Peter & Paul Fortress
Riverside walk
Exterminating angel
Childe Roland to the dark tower came
Balthus bannister
Night windows
Pilgrims. Paper, wax.
Les Visiteurs du Soir
Three winds, wherewith Cocytus to its depth was frozen. (Canto XXXIV)
Pagan god
Singing in the dark
Kids got wrong mushrooms
Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine
The Great God Pan is not dead
Peretz Markish
И смерть пришла: наступило за гробом свиданье...
Но в мире новом друг друга они не узнали.
Пришли и стали тени ночи
На страже у моих дверей!
Смелей глядит мне прямо в очи
Глубокий мрак её очей;
I dream of water
Kafka's black iron prison
Black lightcatcher
Danger in the water
Cigarette butt
Night Mare
Хорошо нам жить в лесу, ха-ха су-су
The last breath
Через леса через моря
Ах, я видеть не могу, не могу
Берега серо-зеленые:
Словно ходят по лугу, по лугу
Косари умалишенные,
Косит ливень луг в дугу.
Ghost ship
А жизнь проплывёт театрального капора пеной;
И некому молвить: «Из табора улицы темной…»
The ring of Al-Mansur
"My father, my father, and dost thou not see,
How the Erl-King his daughters has brought here for me?"
"My darling, my darling, I see it aright,
'Tis the aged grey willows deceiving thy sight."
(Goethe Erlkönig)
City of Gold
Old leather
The Cuckoo (a sniper during the Finnish war)
Ribs, well-done and charred
Eyeing the fish
In the cheesecloth
...и снится нам не рокот космодрома
Experiments in digital sumi-e
Anatomical studies
In the halls of Poseidon
Cruel sands
Jupiter, Faun and Naiad
Pierrot Lunaire
Head of Orpheus
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