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1991 Humphrey Lens Analyzer. My first foray into the UX world. Lo-res screen, 12 shades of gray, supported by an embedded TI chip.
Sometimes "analog" gauge like this is easiest way to visualize critical data.
"Skinned" dojo widget for Cisco Prime UI.
CTB McGraw-Hill, project "Monarch". 
Once upon a time LinkedIn decided to have its own CRM. See more >

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Horizon Mobile Control Panel
PayPal-enabled shopping: Interactive Demo : : Alternative designs
PharmPal - mobile data management solution: Desktop version •  Mobile version
Qubit, an iPad of 2001, featured BeOS.
Personal Genie or How to facilitate on-line shopping through the sublime art of categorization. 
Semantec Live Update: stylish vs. microsoftish.
AgilePoint Explorer UI: stencils
FileMaker Icons
Icons for Digiratti Home page
Chevron Organization Development
Icons for AgilePoint Solution Process Library
Icons for a sample eBay Buy API company
ECAD Layout App Icons
Corporate credit site... run by Alfred E. Neuman funs.
Skeumorphism at its best
Silvaco Home page re-deign  See more >
Logo is like mustache. Sometimes it's the only thing people remember. Like mustache it must have character.
Chevron Global Lubes as of 2009.   Home page navigation  
Easier to prototype than explain   Sample plate designer >>
3d sprites for Alpine Replay online game. Modeled and rigged in Cinema 4D.
Poser+Cinema 4D+Sketch & Toon Renderer is the quickest way to create game sprites.
HP Component Latch Design
Main theme for eBay API portal
Rodan+Fields Ad.  Play them >
Viña Errazuriz
Chevron oils >
What was your most "exposed" design? This one.
Armadillo - top quality fiberoptics from Riga (Lituania)