QuickBooks for Windows: 15 years old, but still enjoy facelifts.  See more >>
From sample to data. Complete Genome Sequencing.  See more >>
Big data needs beautiful analytics.  See more >>
US Bank. Wealth Management  See more >>
SkyDog Smart Router  See more >>
Horizon Mobile Control Panel
Cisco Prime UI. From widgets to larger building blocks - Design Patterns.
Find the suitable one, download, customize and re-use it in your design.
CTB McGraw-Hill, project "Monarch". 
Layout automation. Collected all possible panel layouts. Built a library based on Dojo "BorderContainer" widget.
PayPal Z-plane. When it's impossible to have a non-standard UI feature, the answer is: going Z-direction.  See more >>
How to beat MS Outlook Calendar in 4 days  The whole story >>
FileMaker Icons
Humphrey Lens Analyzer 1991. My first journey into UI design. Platform: TI chip.
Sometimes "analog" gauge like this is easiest way to visualize critical data.
"Skinned" dojo widget for Cisco Prime UI.
Semantec Live Update: stylish vs. microsoftish.
Sun Microsystems Sales Regions
Cisco Prime. Metric Dashlet Strip - a skiny version of dashboard.
Dashboard as a landing page is a great way to start network management program, but it occupies almost entire screen. Users would like to have a skinier version, almost a stock ticker-type strip. It's a carousel, capable to display many types of sparklines, mini-charts and graphs.
AgilePoint Enterprise Manager redesign.  See it before and after >>
AgilePoint Explorer UI: stencils
"Choice Seat" - a UI for ballpark sky boxes' terminals, 1997.   See more >>
1996 Award-winning CD-ROM Game.   Read the whole story >>
Icons for Digiratti Home page
PayPal shopping vignettes: a guitar store. : : Interactive Demo : : Alternative designs
PharmPal - mobile data management solution. Desktop version •  Mobile version
Qubit, an iPad of 2001, featured BeOS.
Undisclosed Company mobile.  See more >>
Undisclosed Company Portal.  See more >>
Personal Genie or How to facilitate on-line shopping through the sublime art of categorization. 
Bunton & Clifford Architects web site.  See it in action >>
Chevron Business Products & Services  Other pages >>
College Recruiting site
Who said corporate credit has to be boring? Especially when it's run by Alfred E. Neuman funs.
Chevron Odyssey
Chevron Technology Marketing (TEMA).
Blackhawk Networks Gift Card Management Tool.
Smart Cards by Integrity Arts (acquired by Sun).
Faux leather anyone? Skeumorphism — the design technique of making a virtual thing look like a real thing in order to help familiarize you with it. That'd be proper for a site designed for 5-6 people only.
Inside HR
What's my line
Mobile version of Network Manager See more >>
The AggZone
Video portal for off-road maniacs enthusiasts.   See more >>
People and their cars - Texaco.com redesign   See more >>
Icons for AgilePoint Solution Process Library
ECAD Layout App Icons. Client: Synopsis
Logo is like mustache. Sometimes it's the only thing people remember. Like mustache it must have character.
Client: NetManage. Visuals: well, you know...
Client: Lieder Design
Chevron BP&S 1997.    Navigation with "character >>
Texaco Brand Quiz. Take a quiz >>
Chevron Products.  How it looked back in 2009 >>
Texaco in NASCAR racing  Action!
ArcSight Security architecture. Fun with flash particles.
Chevron Global Lubes as of 2009.   Home flash >>   Industry explained >>
Chevron "Station Refresh" - a web intro before the new station design is installed.  Play it >>
Texaco is one of the America's most recognized brands.    Play it >>
Techron cleans engine parts better. Play it >>
3d sprites for Alpine Replay online game. Modeled and rigged in Cinema 4D.
DP300 from Vasco Security.   Play video >>
Poser+Cinema 4D+Sketch & Toon Renderer is the quickest way to create game sprites.
3d models to explain lubes specifics.  See examples >>
How Techron works: PEA vs. PBA as detergents.  See examples >>
The art of medical visualization starts with 3d.  Beware: innards inside.
"Homme" - hair removing laser for men. Home page video >>
"Internet The City" won 1996 Joye Award for "Best Educational Product" More >>
Samples of Video Edits and FX   See it on Vimeo >>
Point of Sale display
Chevron oils
Personal Genie "Wish Fulfilment" brochures.  See all concepts >>
Digiratti "Hall of Fame".  See all concepts >>
Concept art for "Milk Cartons" animated feature. See all >>
Visualization of the unperceivable - EDA. See more >>
Cadaques (oil, canvas)
Civitavechhia (acrilic, canvas)
Apparition of Leonardo's Madonna (oil, canvas)
"They came and stood, the shades of night,
Guard at my door!
Looked bolder right into my eyes,
Yet deeper eyes of her." (J.Polonsky)

melted wax and charcoal on paper
HP Component Latch Design